Go Kart Frame - Selecting the Best One

Published: 30th July 2010
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An extremely crucial component of a speedy and durable go kart is the chassis, also named the go kart frame. This item is one of the most essential components if you want to have good success on the race track. It requires a well-designed and soundly manufactured frame to keep your tires glued to the ground while making your way through congested tight corners at top speed. Losing control is a lot more liable to happen with a substandard frame.

A go kart frame or chassis is manufactured from strong steel tubing, attaches to the axles, and is designed to hold the body and engine. Because go karts have no suspension the framework must be solid enough not to crack under the strain and flexible enough to perform as the suspension. Challenging turns are a major part of kart racing and can be incredibly harsh on frames, so a certain amount of flexibility is crucial for maneuvering and a certain amount of stiffness is crucial for durability.

Caged, open, offset, and straight are the four frame types. A caged frame has a roll-over cage affixed that surrounds the driver of a go kart. Its key function is to prevent harm or injury during the course of an accident, particularly in a crash involving a roll-over, but it can also help reinforce the framework. A roll-over bar is commonly used as an alternative to a roll cage. The roll-over bar is situated immediately in back of the racer and provides a moderate amount of protection in an accident involving a roll-over, but not as much as a roll-over cage. An open frame does not have a roll-over cage and will therefore not protect the racer as satisfactorily.

Straight and offset frames are given their respective names according to the location of the racer. If the racer is sitting in the midpoint of the kart it is called a straight frame. If the racer is sitting on the left side in the kart it is an offset chassis. Straight chassis are most often used for sprint racing and offset frames are normally used for speedway racing. Speedway racing is normally the term given to oval tracks with left turns.

Regardless of the type of frame being used, a strong frame will provide you with a solid kart that can withstand the punishment doled out on rough courses. Differing kinds of race tracks and circumstances require different levels of chassis stiffness for maximum efficiency and stability. The total amount of stiffness will differ depending on whether or not the track is asphalt, dirt, or concrete.

A stiff frame is most often ideal in dry weather and track conditions whereas a flexible frame is best for damp track conditions. The best frames allow for easily altering of the stiffness to ideally fit the existing climate and track conditions. This is made possible by having the capability to remove or add stiffening bars on the front, rear, and sides of the go cart. The better go karts offer this capability.

Excessively stiff frames, that are lacking sufficient flexibility, can fracture very easily. The right amount of stiffness and flexibility will allow a driver to keep a true direction through tough cornering instead of sliding sideways. This will certainly improve performance and additionally increase the lifespan of the frame.

If you want the best frame for your individual situation you need to determine the kind of karting you will be participating in. If you are planning to race at a particular track you should talk with the professionals at that track to determine the ideal frame for that particular track. They can help guide you toward chassis that will work best for the distinct conditions of their track.

Moreover, there are lots of governing bodies for kart racing, each having their own distinct set of regulations. Recognizing what is acceptable and what is not acceptable at the track you will be racing on can prevent you from purchasing a go cart that is not permissible on that particular track. Buying the correct frame for the precise track and conditions, and having the capability of changing the stiffness as necessary, can add significantly to your enjoyment and success when go kart racing.

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