Migraine Headache Relief - 3 Quick and Helpful Ways

Published: 07th October 2010
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Anybody who suffers with migraine symptoms is continually searching for fast pain relief. For a great number of individuals, this implies ingesting some pain relieving medications. In spite of this, you can find many approaches to get rapid pain relief from a migraine attack that do not involve the use of pain killing medications. Learn about 3 helpful ways for alleviating a migraine attack quickly.

Most migraine sufferers will develop a recognizable pattern to their ailment. These patterns are different for everyone, but if paid attention to may frequently alert a person to an impending headache. Understanding that a headache is imminent can help an individual commence therapy beforehand and frequently relieve or stop the headache pain completely.

As soon as a headache starts it's all a matter of doing something that could alleviate or prevent the headache pain. Luckily, you will find a great number of natural and effective treatment strategies that can achieve this goal without using dangerous pain medications. Listed below are 3 valuable options that can help you achieve migraine headache relief quickly.

1 - Acupressure Points

Using pressure points will require you to apply pressure using the pads of your fingers or thumb on a point with a firm, but soft pressure. Sustain a steady force for not less than 30 seconds, but not longer than 60 seconds. Using pressure or force to the following acupressure points can stop migraine headache discomfort incredibly fast.

One pressure point is situated between the first finger and thumb on the hand. Squeeze the fleshy tissue between the first finger and thumb of the left hand for something like 30 seconds and then repeat the squeezing on the other hand. This can many times alleviate the symptoms almost at once.

You will discover two additional pressure points just beneath the back of the skull in the region of one or two inches out to the side from the center of the neck. There is one point on the left and one on the right, Employ force as noted previously to both of these pressure points.

2 - Relaxation Strategies

The worst thing a migraine headache sufferer can do is panic. Getting upset and stressing over an impending migraine will amplify the migraine symptoms. Locate a quiet dimly lit room where you can relax. Relaxation can commonly alleviate the migraine pain and at times even stop it altogether. Relaxation is especially valuable if you detect any signs previous to the migraine headache. These early warning signs will alert you to the approaching headache, allowing you to begin your therapy before the actual headache pain appears.

3 - Hot and Cold Therapy

Ice, heat, or a combination of the two can frequently bring about rapid migraine headache pain relief. Placing a cold compress on the backside of the neck at the bottom of the skull will be able to decrease the amount of blood flowing to the head. Since swelling of blood vessels around the brain can cause migraine headache pain, reducing the flow will most likely alleviate the throbbing headache pain. If utilizing an ice pack it's generally better to put a moist cloth in between the ice pack and skin instead of placing ice directly on top of the skin for more than just a minute or two.

Hopping into a hot bath can additionally lower the amount of blood flowing to the head by diverting the blood to the body instead. This can be an extremely effective way to quickly reduce the pounding pain. By utilizing both of these approaches simultaneously, a cold compress on the neck and a hot bath, it will increase the effectiveness of the two approaches.

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